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Learn how to water floss your teeth by South Riding Dentist

Flossing is essential for oral health. Even with many knowing of it, only a very small population practices flossing. Dentists are doing their best to encourage people adopt flossing but their efforts seems to be vain. Flossing doesn’t come easy though. Its perhaps one of the reason many choose to abandon it. By the use of strings, you waste a lot of time and injure your gums in the pursuit to have the task competed. Instead of doing it the manual way, you have another alternative altogether. Water flossing is the ideal way to floss teeth these days. It’s the best with comfort, efficiency and fast benefits. You have to learn how to use it as well. Don’t panic, it’s not complicated.

The concept

Food particles are cleaned by the water jet directed to the teeth by the flower tip. With the flower reservoir filled with water, all you have to do is maneuver the tip to wherever teeth gap you wish for cleaning purposes.

    1. Water Flossers

The concept of cleaning with water flossers is the same as that of the strings. Just take the water to be in the place of the strings. With that said, water is vital. Without it, you will be doing nothing. The flosser has a reservoir for water storage. Before you get started, make sure that the small tank has enough water to floss your entire dental formula. Warm water is better off than the cold or hot water. The small tank should be in position on the water flosser for better functionality.

  1. Pressure control

It’s the water pressure that facilitate cleaning in between teeth gaps. The more the pressure, the better. For starters, you have to get used to the procedure of regulating pressure. Let the pressure be high and then turn on the flosser. Wait until the first jet shows up at the tip. In the meantime, ensure that the tip is pointed towards the sink to prevent sprinkling effect. Take the pressure to low again and start flossing there. You can increase the pressure as you continue.

  1. The basics

You are now ready to go. For convenience purposes, there are some things you should do. Put the tip into your mouth and lean over your sink. The water streaming into your mouth should not be swallowed. It is spitted on the sink. Closing of lips is another basic thing. You don’t have to splash the water everywhere.

  1. Start from the back

It is recommended that you start working on the back teeth first. As much as this process is regarded fast, make sure you have assigned enough time for every gap cleaning. Pause for a while to allow maximum cleaning. The jet should be placed some small distance above the gum line and at an angle of 90 degrees. After you are done, switch the flosser off, clean the tip and eject the tip.

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Meet friendly staff

The Wellness Springs Dental is a place that is full of hospitable people. These are the kind of people that one will find and consult with them for whatever problem that one is experiencing. They are also in the customer care department where one can simply call and have all their questions answered. Their hospitality has gained a lot of appreciation from many visitors who usually visit this place for dental treatment. If you are afraid of approaching these people, then you should worry no more since they are the most hospitable that one can find.

There are very many people who are currently living with various dental problems. Each person has their own reasons for that but the truth is that one does not have to. This is because wellness spring dental has for a long time been offering services on dental. These people are highly qualified doctors and personnel who are willing to offer any form of dental health issue that one may be facing. For those people who usually have a bad breath, this is the right place to visit in order to have that solved. This is because a bad breath is a very embarrassing thing that one can’t imagine living with. In order not to chase your friends away, you will need to make sure that they have consulted Wellness Spring Dental in order to be given a solution for their problem.

Filling missing teeth or tooth

Having a tooth that is missing especially in the front teeth can be quite frustrating. Many people with this kind of problem will always avoid smiling and where possible, they will stay away from people. Instead of having to go through all of this, then it is better to consult with these people so that they can help to fix the problem. These dentists have different methods and techniques that they use in order to repair cavities and also prevent teeth from continuing to rot. In order to maintain good health of the mouth, these are the people that one should consult in order to make sure that their problem is solved once and for all.

Different kinds of services to expect from these people

At Wellness Springs Dental, they make sure that they have solved all the problems that a person may be experiencing. When it comes to matters that concern dentals, people usually have different kind of problems to deal with. When they meet these professionals, they can be sure that all their problems will be solved for them and no one will go home with their problem. This has given hope to many people who have always had to deal with dental problems. These people have been in operation for a very long time and thus one can expect a lot from them.



Having healthy teeth tells a lot about you. Having a healthy mouth makes you to look tidy and careful about your health. People will be more comfortable sitting close to you if your mouth is clean and free of odor. A white tooth gives you a great smile. Generally, good oral hygiene makes you more presentable and boosts your confidence. Having all your teeth intact does a lot towards keeping the shape of your face. If most of your teeth fall off, your appearance will be altered. It takes a little effort and information to be able to keep your mouth health.

Here are some tips that can help you to keep your mouth healthy.

Ensure that you eat healthy

A healthy body means a healthy mouth. If you eat properly you are bound to have a healthy immune system which will reduce your risk of suffering from gingivitis. Make sure that your diet is balanced to meet the needs of your body. In your diet you should make sure that you have sufficient level of calcium. This will aid your oral health and reduce the chances of developing cavities. Make sure that you consume a lot of vegetables and milk to have sufficient supply of vitamins and calcium to keep your bones and teeth healthy.

Soda has high amount of refined sugar and acid. These in combination work negatively on your teeth corroding them. Soda also contains a high amount of phosphorus which in small amounts is necessary for oral health. On the other hand, regular intake of large quintiles of phosphorus impairs the health of teeth and bones as it depletes calcium levels in the body. Low calcium level causes tooth decay and gum diseases that may in the end lead to loss of teeth. Some sodas are colored and therefore stain teeth, so does coffee. Coffee is brown in color and is one of the most stubborn stains of the teeth.

Quit consumption of tobacco

Smoked tobacco has tar that is one stubborn stain for the mouth. It exposes you to the need for bleaching frequently which impairs oral health. Both chewed tobacco and smoked tobacco expose you to the risk of oral cancer and gingivitis. Tobacco increases the likelihood of losing your teeth before your old age. Most immediate effect of smoked tobacco is causing you to have bad breath.

The only way to avoid these risks is through quitting smoking.

Seek dental health care

It is important that you brush at least twice daylily and floss at least once a day. Visit your dentist to have your mouth checked and have your dentist advice you on how to deal with any problem that may be in its early stages.